Sir Samuel Morton Peto (4 August 1809 – 13 November 1889) was an English entrepreneur, civil engineer, railway developer and a Member of Parliament. He managed construction firms that built many major buildings and monuments in London, which made him a millionaire. As a partner in Peto and Betts, he then became one of the major contractors in the building of the rapidly expanding railways of the time and subsequently built the railway line into the town of Lowestoft. As such, Lowestoft was to boom into a thriving metropolis and so Samuel Morton Peto is credited as being the maker of modern Lowestoft.

This “Peto’s People” group seeks to learn what domestic life was like around the 1847 period  (roughly 1837 – 1857) by shared research, in order to create living history impressions for participation in local history re-enactments in and around the region of Lowestoft.

You are welcome to join the associated Facebook group (the link can be found in the right-hand-side panel) to keep up-to-date with news and events of this group.


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